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Weddings in Croatia

The old town is small but extremely picturesque with ornate churches, atmospheric harbourside restaurants and bars and cute narrow alleyways and medieval walls.

Croatia is definitely a hot destination at the moment. Go to Split and Hvar Island if you are looking for nightlife and partying, but if you are looking to get away for some peace and quiet drenched in lot\’s of history, head to Dubrovnik, and be sure to take an excursion to its neighboring countries.


10 good reasons why to marry in Dubrovnik!

  • Reason 1 || THE GOOD WEATHER! From May until September you can count on a large number of sunny days. The region had a Mediterranean type of climate with mild winters and warm, sunny days.
  • Reason 2 || THE OLD TOWN OF DUBROVNIK! The beautiful old city is featured in many poems, articles, history books and websites and there is a good reason for this, one you will discover soon one you have visited the town.
  • Reason 3 || THE SEA! Not only is the seaside a good photo opportunity for the wedding day but it also is very clean compared to many other seaside cities.
  • Reason 4 || CIVIL WEDDINGS CAN TAKE PLACE ON ISLANDS, BOATS and PALACES! You have several outdoor locations where you can celebrate your civil wedding if you would like something “different” then what you would do at home.
  • Reason 5 || COMBINE YOUR WEDDING with A HOLIDAY WITH FRIENDS – ALL IN ONE! Yes, you will not only celebrate your wedding but you can finally enjoy friends and family\’s company in a relaxed environment.

  • Reason 6 || THE LOVELY CHURCHES! The churches in Dubrovnik are really beautiful and they are located right in the old town which is an extra bonus.
  • Reason 7 || SEVERAL OUTDOOR DINING OPTIONS! What better way to celebrate your wedding then to dine outdoors, preferably overlooking the sea or the old town of Dubrovnik?
  • Reason 8 || DUBROVNIK IS CHILDREN FRIENDLY! Welcome and invite your guests to bring their children along, Dubrovnik is children friendly and has many small parks for the little ones.
  • Reason 9 || DUBROVNIK IS SAFE! You can stroll outside late at night without any risks, no need to frantically hold on to your handbag, no need to worry about taking a taxi late a night. Dubrovnik is still safe and does not have any big-city disadvantages.
  • Reason 10 || MANY ACTIVITIES FOR YOUR HOLIDAY! There is ample choice for distraction in the days leading up to and after the wedding. Most of which are outdoors so you can fully enjoy the Croatian scenery and coastline.