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What I think of you

What I think of you

If you want to get married abroad….Dubrovnik is THE PERFECT place!!! And if you want professional, fun, stress free planning Nina Bos and her team at Dubrovnik weddings are THE TEAM you need!!!

After visiting Dubrovnik I fell in love with the place….perfect weather, amazing food, breath taking views and extremely romantic.
So, when I came home I started researching weddings and found some good reviews (although not enough reviews for what they deserve!!!!) about Nina Bos and her team at Dubrovnik weddings. From the numerous emails we had I knew straight away I was in good hands and that I wanted to work with them to plan the biggest day of my life!!!


We met with Nina and the team a year prior to getting married and we instantly warmed to them all. Nina, Dragica and Anita….what can I say….they reminded me of the sex and the city girls 🙂 Professional, fun, independent business women that like to get a good job done! They invited us to the evening of a wedding where we could quietly observe them working and observe the beautiful decor created by Dragica. Zeljko was also there….the friendly photographer!! It is important you feel comfortable with the photographer in order to capture those perfect everlasting memories and he made us feel exactly that. During the week we also visited the venues we were interested in with Nina and made a good start on the wedding planning!

We returned a few months later and Nina was able to meet with us again and arranged food tasting for us at Hotel excelsior where we met the wonderful Ivana Eres. On this visit another of the wedding planners, Ella, was able to escort us to apartments they had recommended to view for our 70 guests!

Back at home the constant emails and skyping continued….literally nothing was too much bother. It times of need, when it all got too much…Nina was there to reassure and take the pressures off.

During the week of the wedding final preparations during a short meeting with the planners were as stressful as it got! Everything was confirmed, the dress was taken to be steamed and we enjoyed our days in Dubrovnik before the big day!!

The wedding day was beyond our wildest dreams…..from the hairdresser arriving….the amazing Doris….to the beautiful ceremony at Sponza Palace….to the fun boat cruise….to the most amazing reception on the palm terrace at Hotel Excelsior. Words cannot express how wonderful it all was. And it was all down to the team at Dubrovnik weddings. You feel safe and relaxed knowing they are with you taking care of everything, but also never really see them either…. unless they are reapplying your lipstick or sorting your dress….thank you Daniella 😉 it’s remarkable really.

They truly are the most amazing team and I feel privileged to have spent time planning with them and sharing my wedding day with them. I have found some true friends.

So, in a nutshell what I’m basically trying to say is that EVERYBODY you meet at Dubrovnik weddings and all of their contacts are FANTASTIC!!!!! I could go on and on (even more than I already have!) but you need to see for yourself to truly appreciate this wonderful place and these wonderful people!!! I am envious that you have all this to come….Enjoy!


Sending you all lots of love and the best of luck with your future weddings,


Mr and Mrs Sharpe xx

5 thoughts on “What I think of you

  1. Donna ormonde

    Hi nina been researching a lot online and your name keeps popping up we’re looking to get married in Croatia early 2016? So any help would be greatly appriciated

  2. Dear, dear Lovebirds….

    I read your review and at first I thought it was a review from Nina for a magazine somewhere abroad and by reading on I realised it was you. You were one of the few comparing us to the “sex and the city girls”.

    Thank you on behalf of everybody in the team for having been so easygoing, so relaxed and such a dear and perfect couple. Everybody enjoyed being a part of your big day. You were just amazing !

    Thank you so much for your dear words and your feelings about the planning process, the days before and the wedding itself. It always means so much more when it comes from a bride and groom that got married with us than when we try to say something about our team.

    Thank you so much for the time and effort to write such a nice review !

    Therefore I will not say goodbye I will say “Adio” which means see you soon , see you again, will be in touch….

    Why shouldn’t we meet in a year’s time for your first anniversary vow renewal ceremony, small and intimate and romantic somewhere at sunset followed by a candlelight dinner ?

    Stay well and ADIO !

    Your Dubrovnik Weddings team

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