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What to do when there is a storm raging 20 minutes before your outdoors Dubrovnik wedding ceremony?

What to do when there is a storm raging 20 minutes before your outdoors Dubrovnik wedding ceremony?

The weather is one of the elements one cannot plan for. So if it turns and all becomes dark, what do you do?
Does this couple look stressed and overwhelmed? 

No, you would not say so… would you?
Mr. and Mrs. Collins, coming from Minnesota, USA, where temperatures are most part of the year well below the average Dubrovnik temperatures, were happy all day through.
It is hard to find a picture without a smile on their faces. Let they be an example to all of us…

When a storm hits Dubrovnik on your wedding day…

Exactly 2 hours before this picture was taken in the city center of Dubrovnik, a big black storm with lightning and black clouds came over the city. The rain poured down heavily, it was not a good sight at all.

Bride getting ready in Dubrovnik

white romatic bridal bouquet with roses, lisianthus and peonies
As Emily was getting ready in the junior suite of the Hotel Lapad, it started to rain cats and dogs. We decided it was best to close the shutters of her window, trying to block out any sight of the huge thunderstorm outside. But of course, she knew… but she stayed amazingly relaxed with all this.

Then, a miracle happened. At exactly 15.40h the rain stopped, it was our cue to start running like crazy to set up an outdoors ceremony in record tempo. With just 2 minutes spare, we managed to set up this:

White wedding pergola, Dubrovnik
 And during the ceremony, like if it was all planned, the sun came out to greet the newlyweds from above!
Dubrovnik outdoors garden wedding
To be complete… a back up set up was already prepared, because this was available, we could take the risk and wait until the very last moment. Here is what the ceremony would have looked like if we would have been less lucky:
Hotel Lapad Venezia Hall

A relaxed boat cruise

We had planned for some pictures in the lovely gardens of the hotel Lapad after which… the couple had booked a boat cruise.
Some pictures of the photo shoot in the old town, look how the sky adds a dramatic contrast, one might argue if they were unlucky or lucky with the weather!
Dramatic sky wedding photography
Dubrovnik Riviera Weddings photography
Dubrovnik old city

The wedding reception

Together, we decided that is was best to have the dinner indoors, one imperial table was set up and the decor was based on white blooms, a grey runner and touches of dark blue as accents.
The runner had elements of Emily’s mother’s Lace wedding dress, which made it even more special.
Modern wedding reception table
Wedding reception decor
Entrance of the bride and groom
Dubrovnik wedding cake
opening dance
Emily and Scott had a great day, even though the black start.
Their positive and loving attitude made the day, their family and friends copied their positive outlook and the day was a success in every way.
It has been a lesson in positive thinking, for all of us, and how no matter what, if two people are in love, they will always find the positive side in anything they do together.
We’d also like to thank Kiko and the so very helpful team of the Hotel Lapad, they are always a great support to us, we really appreciate it!
We wish you all the best Emily and Scott! It has been a pleasure to assist you both!
The Dubrovnik-Weddings team.

2 thoughts on “What to do when there is a storm raging 20 minutes before your outdoors Dubrovnik wedding ceremony?

  1. The wedding was PERFECT! Emily and Scott were thrilled and we all had a fabulous time. Nina did a great job! Bride’s Mom

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