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Wines in Croatia

Wines in Croatia

Quite often, visitors to Croatia get the wrong impression of the wines. Not because they are not good (actually, they’re very good) but because we mostly lack basic wine education and training in restaurants and bars. Guests are offered whatever has the best profit margin, no matter the quality or condition of the wine.


Wine plays an important role at any party; especially weddings – we cannot associate them anymore with cheap wines and tomorrow’s bursting headache. People generally want to enjoy wine, and want to have good wine.

Therefore, it makes us very happy that we have a certified sommelier in our team who can recommend you good wines, value for money, based on your preferences.

Sue and Dave, true wine lovers, were focused on choosing nice wines for their guests to enjoy so we organized a tasting with Ksenija. They were a bit “shy” as the wine experience they had at their previous vacation in Dubrovnik was not that good. After the tasting, wedding party and even the honeymoon along the coast (where Sue texted us every day photos of wine they’ve had), she simply said:

Have to take back what I said about Croatian wines. I’ve been very impressed!

Can you imagine the smile on our faces in making this small step towards people discovering the great wines we have here?

We’ll surely drink to that



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